AutoEnter Live 2022: A Successful Claris Community Event

The first AutoEnter Live surpassed all its hosts’ goals, delivering 41 sessions to more than 1,400 attendees over the two-day event.

Chicago, IL. – July 25, 2022 –Together with our friends at Proof+Geist, Soliant Consulting created and hosted AutoEnter Live, a virtual two-day conference for the Claris community. It was a feat achieved in less than nine weeks, as the two companies endeavored to provide the community with an engaging and educational event.

“Conference events have been a formative part of the Claris experience for more than 25 years. We conceived of AutoEnter Live as an innovative way to provide the Claris developer community with a place to gather, learn, and network. The event surpassed all our expectations, and I’m deeply grateful to everyone who contributed and attended.”

Bob Bowers, CEO

Sponsored by Claris, the conference offered more than 40 sessions, including interactive opening and closing sessions, discussion sessions with Claris engineers, thoughtful presentations from community developers, and vendor demonstrations. We learned more about what’s ahead for the platform and how to further leverage all it currently offers.

AutoEnter Live guests from Claris included Brad Freitag, Andrew Lecates, Peter Nelson, Robert Holsey, Rosemary Tietge, Gianine Campbell, Clay Maeckel, and Doug Wallis. They shared their insights and vision for the future of the platform during several interactive sessions.

The event also garnered the support of 22 vendor booths from community business leaders, empowering attendees to learn more about products and services related to the Claris platform.

All sessions were immediately made available to view on YouTube following each day of the event on the Auto Enter Live YouTube Channel. The videos are already getting attention from Claris developers and users around the world, and we encourage you to check them out.

AutoEnter Live Resources & Links

AutoEnter Live YouTube Channel

AutoEnter Live Sessions led by Soliant Consulting team members:

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