YADMT (Yet Another Data Migration Tool) for FileMaker Demo

To support more FileMaker developers in their data migration efforts, our team built YADMT (Yet Another Data Migration Tool), a command-line tool written in .NET.

The tool essentially acts as a DMT wrapper and is intended for running DMT on more than one database file (although it will work fine if used with just one file). The tool has been mainly tested on Windows and minimally tested on macOS using Mono.

YADMT streamlines and expedites file migrations with two or more large files. You can select to have YADMT run anywhere from 1 to 9 concurrent DMT processes. YADMT will process files from largest to smallest to run the parallel jobs as efficiently as possible. When you run the tool, it will prompt you with several questions; however, you can also specify these inputs using an ini file. YADMT is dependent on the context you run it from as the clone files, source files, ini, and logs are all based on the current command line directory.

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