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SortValues Function in FileMaker 16 Demo

FileMaker 16 includes a host of new functions for parsing and manipulating text and binary data. SortValues is one of these new functions. Download our demo to run your own test using this new function.

Card Windows in FileMaker 16 Demo

The new Card Window feature in FileMaker 16 allows developers to create overlays within the same window. The card can have its own context different from the background layout. Download our demo to see it in action.

Soliant.cloud® Pricing Guide & FAQ

Soliant.cloud provides simplified yet comprehensive FileMaker hosting by pairing our trusted consulting and development services with the powerful hosting capabilities of Amazon Web Services. Download our pricing guide and FAQ.

FileMaker Web Viewer Integrations Library

Download the Web Viewer Integrations Library which contains a collection of integrations that allow you to customize and extract them for use within a client application.

FileMaker 15 Executive Summary

The summary is a quick, top level review that touches on the new features of the FileMaker 15 platform and addresses the first questions one might have when considering an upgrade.

FileMaker 14 Script Triggers Cheat Sheet & Demo

The team at Soliant has created a cheat sheet (in PDF form) and a demo “playground” file that you can use to see when a trigger fires and whether the action or object that initiated it completes before or after your script runs.

Test Data Generator Files

Fleshing out test data in any technology can be a bit of a chore… and having realistic data in sufficient volume is a vital part of testing a database before rolling it out. By integrating this modular FileMaker file into your solution, you can automatically generate sample data however you need.
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