Monitoring Your FileMaker Server with Zabbix

FileMaker Server is the cornerstone of a stable, secure, and performant deployment of your FileMaker apps. Knowing how to deploy and how to monitor our solution is doing on FileMaker Server is crucial. We have been talking about this for a long time (see this 2013 blog post that is still valid).

Here at Soliant, we have chosen Zabbix as one of the tools to help us monitor our own FileMaker Servers and help our customers do the same. On this page, you will find all the resources that we have discussed and demonstrated in our FileMaker DevCon 2019 presentation.

As with any tool, there is a certain learning curve to becoming proficient at it. The resources on this page are meant to help you through that learning curve quickly, with us sharing with you the lessons we have learned along the way.

These guides will help you decide what option to choose for a Zabbix server and how to install the Zabbix agents. More importantly, we have included the full Zabbix template that we use for monitoring FileMaker Server on Windows, macOS, and FileMaker Cloud.

The Guides:

Build a FileMaker Server Monitoring Dashboard Using Grafana

In this video, I share how to build a FileMaker Server monitoring dashboard using Grafana in less than 8 minutes.

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