FileMaker 19.1 Feature Flags Demo

As Mislav Kos shares in his accompanying blog post on improving FileMaker performance using sharing locks and feature flags, you cannot set feature flags on clients globally. You must do this work separately on each client and should consider having a scripted way of making this change.

This demo file provides you with a script that creates the config file in the correct place (or deletes an existing config file, if you want to remove all of the feature flags). You can use this script in your own solution to:

  • Make it easier to turn on or off feature flags to achieve better performance or facilitate troubleshooting.
  • Set the config file on clients

It cannot be used to do the same on the server because the server script engine does not have write access to the appropriate folder. When making a change to the config file on a client, keep in mind though that FileMaker Pro/Go will need to be restarted afterward in order for the change to take effect.

Please fill out the form to get access to the script and launch it within your own FileMaker solution.

If you have any questions on the file or would like us to help you improve the performance of your FileMaker solution, please let us know.

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