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How can software engineers and developers take a more active role in adhering to technology ethics and protecting those affected by the solutions they build?

Once again, the response to our scholarship program resulted in many thought-provoking essays. We are proud of our Fall 2023 – Spring 2023, Fall 2022 – Spring 2023, Fall 2021 – Spring 2022, and Fall 2020 – Spring 2021 recipients, who will continue to be an inspiration to others as they continue their education.

Alyssa Dixon, Fall 2023 - Spring 2024 Soliant Sunrise Scholarship Award recipient

Congratulations to our Fall 2023-Spring 2024 Award Recipient

Alyssa Dixon was born and raised in Dresher, Pennsylvania. She graduated from Upper Dublin Highschool in 2021 and is currently attending Villanova University, majoring in computer science, focusing on software development.

Alyssa strives to learn about and address social issues through technology. In keeping with her passion, Alyssa joined Villonova’s programming team and the Computer Science Department’s DEI committee to help uplift underrepresented voices.

When not focused on her studies, Alyssa enjoys learning new and creative skills, such as crocheting, sewing, and, most recently, knitting. Additionally, Alyssa likes to go thrifting and go on picnics with friends.

Kathryn Kingsberry, Fall 2022-Spring 2023 Soliant Sunrise Scholarship recipient

Congratulations to our Fall 2022-Spring 2023 Award Recipient

Kathryn Kingsberry is from Encino, California, and grew up in Newark, Delaware. She is currently attending Los Angeles Pierce College and will attend Columbia University in Fall 2022.

Kathryn is interested in English and American literature. She hopes to combine the technical skills she gained while working with non-profits in the tech industry with her passion for books in the scholastic and education sectors. Kathryn wants to help increase diversity, inclusion, and accessibility to academic and popular literature for underrepresented young adults.

In addition to her academic pursuits, Kathryn enjoys reviewing and recommending books on social media and promoting independent authors’ projects. She plans on returning to marathon running now that more events are resuming after the challenging years of the pandemic. Kathryn is also the caregiver for her mother, a cancer survivor. She balances caring for her mother with attending school full time and working as a tutor.

Lily Guzman, Fall 2021-Spring 2022 Sunrise Scholarship Award Recipient

Congratulations to our Fall 2021-Spring 2022 Award Recipient

Lily Guzman was born in Augusta, Georgia. Her family moved to a small town named Sierra Vista in southern Arizona when she was one year old and then moved to Gilbert, Arizona when she was 14.

Lily was home-schooled throughout her K-12 years and graduated high school in November of 2018. She began her college education with Chandler-Gilbert Community College in the spring of 2021, where she is pursuing her associate degree in General Business studies. Lily plans to transfer to a four-year university and work towards a bachelor’s degree in business administration.

Outside of school, Lily enjoys working on several hobbies and spending time with friends and family. Before focusing on her education, she spent many years learning and teaching dance. Although she gave that up to devote more time to school, she still enjoys teaching friends and family the basics of ballroom dancing in her spare time. Lily recently acquired a new interest in finding and refurbishing discarded or unwanted furniture.

Lily is passionate about working hard to achieve her goals, whether personal, academic, or professional. She believes everyone can strive for self-improvement and achieve progress in any environment where they apply themselves. This mindset motivates her as she pursues higher education in her chosen career as an administrative professional.

Jaliyah Francois, Fall 2020 - Spring 2021 Soliant Sunrise Scholarship Recipient

Congratulations to our Fall 2020-Spring 2021 Award Recipient

Jaliyah Francois was born and raised in Coconut Creek, Florida in Broward County. She recently graduated from Nova High School; Jailyah will be attending the University of Central Florida in the Fall of 2020. For her academic studies, she has focused on Computer Science and animation.

Jaliyah loves telling stories through moving pictures and learning the science and coding to make that happen. She is a believer of life imitating art and believes she will play a hand in bettering the world with her sketchbook, pencil, and computer.

When not in school, Jaliyah enjoys the outdoors, playing volleyball, roller skating, and volunteering at her local public library on the weekends.

How can a business balance being philanthropic with being profitable?

As always, we were inspired by the thoughtful essays we received for our Fall 2019-Spring 2020 Scholarship program and are proud of this year’s recipient whose essay best explored how a business can balance being philanthropic and profitable.

Marcus Marshall, Jr. - Recipient of the Soliant Sunrise Scholarship for the Fall 2019-Spring 2020 academic year

Congratulations to our Fall 2019-Spring 2023 Award Recipient

Marcus Marshall, Jr. is an undergrad at the University of Alabama majoring in Computer Science who was born and raised in Opelika, Alabama. He has focused his academic studies on learning how to create technology that is useful and intuitive. Additionally, Marshall is also interested in mobile application development and User Experience (UX) design.

Marshall is mindful of the privacy, security, and technology addiction issues that come with having technology so readily available. With that in mind, his studies include devoting time to creating a consumer tech company that understands and addresses those challenges.

When not studying, Marcus can be found sharing time with family and friends and co-leading a college financial group, book club, and a career planning group. He also enjoys watching comedy or drama shows on TV.

How have you used technology as a tool to improve someone’s life, and what did you learn from this experience?

The response to our Fall 2018-Spring 2019 Scholarship program impressed us with how each person strives to help others whether in their community and/or circle of friends and family.

Neha Aluwalia, Fall 2018-Spring 2019 Sunrise Scholarship Recipient

Congratulations to our Fall 2018-Spring 2019 Award Recipient

Neha Aluwalia is a senior at West Windsor-Plainsboro High School South who is graduating in June and will attend Rutgers Honors College, New Brunswick in the fall of 2018. She is interested in studying education and political science, along with continuing her studies in German.

Neha was born in England but has lived in New Jersey for most of her life. Throughout high school, Neha served as a Colorguard Captain in her school’s marching band and Winterguard programs. In addition to marching band activities, she is a summer camp counselor for first and second graders at a local Quaker camp, as well as being an active Girl Scout for the past 13 years.

How has a mentor had a positive influence on you and in what ways has that affected your life?

Our Spring 2018 – Fall 2018 program was an inspirational success. All of the essays were heartfelt and illustrated the long-lasting and positive influence mentors have had on each student’s life.

Ryan Wong, Spring 2018-Fall 2018 Sunrise Scholarship Recipient

Congratulations to our Spring 2018-Fall 2018 Award Recipient

Thank you to Ryan Wong, who is a freshman at UC Riverside majoring in biology, for his thoughtful essay. Ryan was born and raised in San Francisco, CA and graduated from Lowell High School. He played for three years on Lowell’s varsity tennis team, with his favorite subjects being biology and psychology.

In addition to his academic pursuits, Ryan is active in his community doing volunteer work and enjoys creative writing, photography, and running.

What sets a company apart (besides salary) as a place where you’d like to work?

The response to our Fall 2017-Spring 2018 program exceeded our expectations. We received many thoughtful essays and were pleased to award Victor Moody, who best explored what qualities of a potential employer are important to him when looking for a job.

Victor Moody, Fall 2017-Spring 2018 Sunrise Scholarship Recipient

Congratulations to our Fall 2017-Spring 2018 Award Recipient

Victor Moody is a Criminal Justice major with a minor in White Collar Crime at West Chester University. Victor was born in the Overbrook section of West Philadelphia and graduated from Northwest High School in 2014. In five years, he plans to be practicing criminal or entertainment law.

In additional to school, Victor has worked with kids ages 4-12 for the past six summers at the Max Myers Playground. The benefits of helping to teach children are two-fold: they learn valuable lessons and, in turn, they have increased his love of being a big brother to as many children as he can.

Victor’s other interests are dancing, singing, and acting. He is passionate about the importance of music and its power to unify people of disparate backgrounds across the world. Victor is a strong believer in self-development, as well as gaining social and professional experiences from any opportunity as it presents itself.

How can a business balance being philanthropic with being profitable?

We received many outstanding submissions but could only select one recipient each for the Spring 2017 and Fall 2016 semesters. Gina Park and Robert Halfon, were awarded for their essays, which best explored how you can balance being philanthropic with being profitable in business.

Gina Park, Spring 2016-2017 Sunrise Scholarship Recipient

Congratulations to our Spring 2016-Fall 2017 Award Recipient

Gina Park is a senior at UC Berkeley studying economics and pursuing a certificate in Entrepreneurship and Technology.

Gina was born in South Korea and moved to the U.S. when she was four and grew up in Orange County, CA. She graduated from Oxford Academy in 2013. In addition to attending classes, Gina is the Chief Development Officer of Smart Woman Securities, an organization dedicated to helping undergraduate women learn about finance and investing.

When not studying, Gina loves drawing, watching movies, finding new places for delicious desserts, and traveling. This summer she visited Japan, Pennsylvania, Washington D.C., New York, and Massachusetts, as well as spending 12 weeks interning in Redmond, WA. Next semester she plans to study abroad at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. Gina is the first in her family to go to college and is excited about graduating next year.

Robert Halfon, Fall 2015-2016 Sunrise Scholarship Recipient

Congratulations to our Fall 2015-2016 Award Recipient

Robert Halfon was our first scholarship recipient. He is attending the Wharton School of Business for undergraduate studies.

Robert hails from South Florida surrounded by (mostly) great weather and beautiful beaches. He attended American Heritage High School in Boca/Delray, and graduated in May 2016. Focused on science, he completed the Pre-Med track at his school. He enjoys creative writing, public speaking, soccer, Ping-Pong, movies, and travel.

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