Case Study

The Luke Commission

The Luke Commission (TLC) is an internationally-recognized non-governmental organization that provides free medical services to people in rural Swaziland. In 2015, TLC treated over 61,000 patients who wouldn’t otherwise have been able to afford high-quality medical care.

As they looked to expand their impact, TLC identified their medical recordkeeping system as a major impediment to growth. When they came to Soliant, they were using an ad hoc combination of paper records and Excel spreadsheets. The amount of work involved in gathering and organizing data was significantly impacting the time that TLC nurses and doctors could spend with patients. The system also made it difficult to analyze surgical data and get up to date information about patients.

Following the completion of our eye surgical session in August / September last year, I was left with a stack of over 250 folders (patient files) and had no idea what to do with them. We were using a rudimentary FileMaker database I had created on my own; but that database wasn’t set up for managing surgery records.

Tiffany Schlueter, Partnership Development at The Luke Commission

In the Fall of 2015, TLC reached out to Soliant and we agreed to take them on as a philanthropic client.

Working with TLC’s Optometry Department, Soliant built a custom FileMaker application that tracks patient visits, procedures, and surgeries. The application also includes a call log feature to track follow-up calls and visit-reminder calls. Designed with convenience in mind, the solution works seamlessly on mobile devices, tablets and laptops.

Mobile Solution for Offline Use

Because TLC operates in remote rural homesteads, often without access to electricity or the Internet, it was important that the solution be able to work without a regular connection to the FileMaker server. To address this issue, Soliant built the application to work with 360Works’ MirrorSync, allowing TLC doctors and nurses to sync the patient data on their iPhones, iPads, and laptopswithout having an internet connection, and then syncing that data when they were able to access the internet. Jesse Barnum and 360Works very generously donated this enterprise-grade solution to TLC.

After assessing the business problem and listening closely to TLC’s specific needs, Soliant created a custom solution that allows TLC’s doctors and nurses to increase their efficiency and impact, spending more time with patients and less time with paperwork.

I cannot speak highly enough of the time and dedication they have put in. We have been the recipient of a few other pro bono projects in other areas of our organization and, although people’s intentions are good, inevitably our projects end up getting pushed to the back-burner, causing major delays in their completion. That was never the case with Soliant. Had I not known better, I would have thought I was their top paying client.

Tiffany Schlueter, Partnership Development at The Luke Commission

Not only was Soliant’s customer service first rate, the product that was delivered was also top quality. All of our goals were met, and on time! … This database was a vital missing link for our program to operate effectively and efficiently, allowing us to see more patients, and to see them well.

Tiffany Schlueter, Partnership Development at The Luke Commission

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