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Wharton Public Technology

Wharton Public Technology Increases Productivity by Transitioning from Salesforce Classic to Lightning

Wharton Public Technology at University of Pennsylvania serves more than 14,000 annual students and a global network of 92,000 graduates, keeping its staff quite busy. To increase productivity through automation, the organization started a long-term partnership with Soliant Consulting in 2011 to customize its Salesforce Classic environment and deliver Visualforce development.

Recently, Wharton Public Technology identified an opportunity to further increase the capabilities of its staff and spark growth for the organization by transitioning to Lightning. Its team reached out to us for support in its migration as well as for custom development in the Lightning environment.

Needs Analysis for Lightning

Our Salesforce team started with a thorough assessment of initial steps for a migration to Lightning. First, we built and deployed a custom domain for the organization. Our team then identified top development priorities, starting with ensuring all existing custom functions would work properly in the new framework.

Custom Development Modifications

The custom buttons, UI, and other functionality our team previously delivered in Classic would not operate at their full potential in Lightning without development support. Therefore, our next step was to rearchitect this functionality within the new framework.

We built custom Lightning components to enable automated task-tracking, meeting set-up, and follow-up event creation for the Wharton Public Technology team. Our team then developed relevant forms with pre-fill capabilities. This ultimately saves the organization’s team time and effort, allowing them to reach out to key stakeholders faster.

Leveraging custom development tools built by our team, we reduced development costs, completed the migration faster, and set the foundation for efficient development within future projects.

Adopting Lightning Custom Capabilities

To help Wharton Public Technology leverage even more Lightning functionality, we also built a custom send-to-email component. This allowed the organization to send email to a record contact with fewer steps through custom look-up functionality within forms. Within a few keystrokes, users can build personalized emails using prefilled templates.

From here, Wharton Public Technology Salesforce administrators could assign its users to the new Lightning environment as they saw fit. This helped them build a tailored and strategic training and onboarding strategy that fit their schedules.

Cost-effective and Efficient Migration Strategies

Our team helped Wharton Public Technology make an efficient transition to Lightning in just one week. This lean migration empowered their team members to quickly leverage the framework’s capabilities and boost productivity of its team quickly.

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About Wharton Public Technology

Wharton Public Technology (WPT) provides technology services supporting rooms and events for the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. Technology provided includes everything from microphones to telepresence and must be scheduled in advance and tracked closely.

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