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V.I.P. Mortgage

V.I.P. Mortgage Reduces Costs and Expands Its Network with Strategic Salesforce Architecture

As a full-service digital mortgage lender, V.I.P. Mortgage depends on Salesforce to differentiate itself in the marketplace, expand its network of loan officers, and grow its revenue. To deliver on that promise, the organization found itself needing an enhanced user-friendly system. It envisioned a fully custom loan origination software for its loan officers and approached Soliant Consulting for guidance on how to achieve these goals.

Soliant, with an expert understanding of Salesforce and agile development practices, showed V.I.P. Mortgage how it could achieve all of its goals on a single platform.

Soliant started with helping V.I.P. Mortgage visualize its digital mortgage vision, shape a scalable agile development strategy, and build a global technology delivery team. Bringing in new developers at the beginning of the project ensured the new solution would be handed off to a team knowledgeable about how Salesforce should work for the organization. This strategy also created a sound infrastructure to manage the solution correctly once launched. With Soliant’s help, V.I.P. Mortgage built a team of 12 globally distributed team members responsible for delivering working software at a predictable cadence.

Building a Strong Foundation

At the same time, Soliant delivered an updated and scalable foundational architecture to serve as a solid starting point for the customizations and long-term technology vision V.I.P. Mortgage sought.

With a solid platform foundation in place, Soliant moved on to adding new functionality to the Salesforce solution. These features included the ability to easily make and track requests across the four key processing departments of title, tax, verification of employment (VOE), and insurance. This reduces processing times and costs per loan. In fact, the solution itself leveraged similar visual and technical design concepts across all four departments reducing development costs, minimizing training requirements, and driving a higher ROI for V.I.P. Mortgage.

Soliant also developed a rich set of mobile-first and Lightning-enabled CRM tools, empowering loan officers to closely monitor and engage their customers and partners. Integrations with the Sales Cloud and Marketing cloud encourage loan officers to build stronger relationships with their target audiences through personalized marketing and one-to-one customer journeys across email, mobile, and social channels.

Customized Tools and Personalized Marketing

V.I.P. Mortgage also sought robust borrower tools to serve its external audiences of those seeking a loan. To this end, Soliant built a custom Salesforce-Communities borrower portal, empowering the company to reduce recurring costs by 75%.

In addition, Soliant delivered personalized marketing capabilities that are fully integrated across the Sales Cloud and Marketing Cloud. Even better, the functionality is automated, empowering loan officers to put their personalized marketing efforts on auto-pilot. For example, a change to a customer’s data or status will trigger targeted marketing to ensure he or she gets the right message at the right time, keeping the V.I.P. Mortgage brand top of mind. Sales Cloud records engagement with these messages, driving razor-sharp focus on a loan officer’s most valuable customers. Of course, any changes to customer data within the Sales Cloud also trigger changes within automated marketing efforts, streamlining the entire personalized communication process. The marketing solution is poised to continue delivering targeted marketing at any conceivable customer touchpoint across email, mobile and social channels.

Leveraging the Full Salesforce Ecosystem

Soliant guided the entire solution from concept to delivery through expert knowledge of platform capabilities across Lightning, Salesforce1, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and Communities. By leveraging the full Salesforce ecosystem, the solution can continue to evolve through valuable additions to the suite of loan-officer & borrower tools in the future and become the mobile-first digital mortgage lender. It helps V.I.P. Mortgage continue to grow within the digital mortgage industry, attract new loan officers to a partnership with V.I.P. Mortgage, and drive revenue growth for the organization. Soliant continues to serve as the organization’s strategic and technical advisor, guiding the next evolution of the solution with a growth-oriented mindset.

About V.I.P. Mortgage, Inc.

As a mid-sized full-service mortgage lender, V.I.P. Mortgage, Inc. delivers more than $1.5 billion in annual funding. Established in 2006 during the housing crisis, the company strives to provide authentic and transparent lending services, serving its clients through responsible lending practices. The company is made up of a team of 400 employees across 21 states and continues to grow and expand its services.

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