Client Story

Small Insurance Company

As many companies grow and evolve, their technology landscape gets more complicated. They struggle with moving parts and critical data in different systems managed by different teams. For umbrella companies with many businesses operating independently, this issue is exponentially challenging. Our team serves as a partner to organize and streamline all technology systems. We build reliable, secure, and scalable foundational applications, often with custom functionality to fit our client’s business needs.

A California-based insurance company partnered with our team at Soliant Consulting to create a cohesive yet flexible tech stack between its sister companies. We focused on the goal of improving data exchanges, minimizing operational silos, and simplifying system investments.

Salesforce Experience Cloud + Custom Self-Service Web Portal

Our team first established Salesforce as the most efficient foundational application with the client team. We then agreed that a custom self-service web portal would serve as the best technology for data submissions to the foundational CRM. Our team built a tailored WordPress website that leveraged Salesforce Screen Flows as the form handling technology. Users can now submit critical information to Salesforce without needing login access to the system.

The resulting website empowers our client and its sister companies to better collect, communicate, and collaborate on their mission-critical data. This integration between Salesforce Experience Cloud and a public website is not only more efficient for the insurance company but also saves the organization significant costs in licensing.

Key Results

  • Saved Time | Simplification of Tech Stack
  • Saved Costs | Cost-effective Use of Salesforce
  • Improved Collaboration | Creation of Core Data Repository
  • Enhanced User Experience | Launch of Public Self-service Capabilities

Technologies Used

  • Salesforce Experience Cloud
  • Custom web portal
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