Client Story

RCA Electric & Generators

RCA Electric & Generators is a full-service generator and electrical contractor helping homeowners and businesses across southeast Massachusetts select, purchase, install, and maintain their ideal generators. Due to rapid growth, RCA Electric & Generators had begun to outgrow its disconnected legacy systems used for job management. They contacted Soliant to discuss how to improve their processes through modernizing these critical systems.

Project Planning

Soliant sat down with RCA Electric & Generators to outline an end-to-end solution that would provide better visibility into their overall business, give their employees and their customers a top-notch experience, and allow them to work efficiently and continue to scale at a rapid pace.

New Mobile Sales Application

Our team delivered a lightweight sales app that allows their sales team to gather customers’ important information on the go. The mobile solution syncs with the rearchitected back-end application designed on the Claris platform. The new system makes it easier to generate proposals and collect the right data while maintaining data integrity.

The application delivered on important business objectives for RCA Electric & Generators:

  • Launch a flexible business application that supports day-to-day operations
  • Digitize and optimize the sales process, allowing the RCA Electric & Generators team to eliminate pen-and-paper processes and make field sales more mobile
  • Establish a single source of truth for the entire job lifecycle: from sales to planning to execution and to final customer sign-off

Born in the Cloud

RCA Electric & Generators needs its application to continue to grow with them and be accessible anytime from anywhere. Building their application on our platform-as-a-service (PaaS),, developed on Amazon Web Services (AWS), was a given.’s on-demand model can auto-scale up and down as business needs change.

Our infrastructure team quickly spun up a new Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) utilizing an automated deployment methodology with AWS CloudFormation that includes Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud resources along with AWS CloudWatch, AWS IAM, Amazon SQS, and AWS CloudFormation.

Using CloudFormation allows us to quickly provision and maintain consistent environments across our entire organization. By automating deployments with standardized architecture, we can reduce overall support costs and costs for each individual customer while maintaining security protocols and development best practices. is built on serverless architecture, enabling us to easily manage deployments that utilize CloudFormations to build out all necessary infrastructure for each project leveraging shared components. We can maintain consistent versioning and updates for all developed modules and functionality.

About RCA Electric & Generators

As a family-owned company, RCA Electric & Generators finds meaning in doing work that matters in their community, from making sure families are prepared with reliable standby generators before northeastern winter storms roll in to finding replacement parts for antique lighting fixtures or re-installing items that have emotional value to their customers. They have built a reputation as a trusted community partner in southeast Massachusetts generator and electrical contracting.

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