Client Story

Nebraska Department of Education

70% of All Public Schools in Nebraska Rely on Soliant’s System for Special Education

When the Nebraska Department of Education (NDE) received a state mandate to implement an identification and evaluation system for all resident children with disabilities, the volume of information and the number of disparate schools across the state created a daunting challenge. The department turned to Soliant Consulting to build a reliable and secure application.

The mandate required the majority of the public schools across Nebraska to use the new system. With such a broad user base and varied workflow processes, Soliant focused on defining the functional requirements and designing a system with rapid accessibility for all users.

Soliant worked closely with the NDE staff to create a web-based application that employs a combination of PHP, RDBMS (PostgreSQL), Prince XML, and FileMaker tools. The application accommodates over 9,000 users and supports over 175,000 children with disabilities.

Long-Term Partnership

Over the years, NDE has turned to Soliant to incorporate new districts and broaden the workflow process of the custom application. Finding ways to support and enhance the system cost-effectively is a responsibility NDE has entrusted to Soliant as their long-term partner.

About the Nebraska Department of Education

The Nebraska Department of Education provides services and support for over 500 districts across the state, with approximately 300,000 students. Of that population, the identified children with special needs are enrolled in an Individualized Education Program (IEP) or an Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP), a comprehensive system of support procedures consisting of interventional, instructional and support personnel along with special education and early intervention instruction.

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