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Delivering HIPAA-compliant Referral Forms, E-signing, and Billing for LearnWell

Sometimes our clients need new systems quickly but don’t want to sacrifice application quality or efficiency. They may need something fast, but they don’t want to become reliant on a band-aid solution, and we want to deliver technology that meets their needs long-term. We ran into a similar situation with LearnWell, an organization providing integrated academic and mental health services for students and their families.

LearnWell had been using a paper-based referral, intake, and billing process. They needed a patient referral form, e-sign functionality for consent documentation, and digital billing submission capabilities integrated with its existing Salesforce implementation for revenue visibility. The organization had a tight deadline, too – one month. Our team prioritized time at the beginning of the project to write a tight schedule for the project with a strict focus on critical functionality, but we were able to pull it off.

Building HIPAA-compliant Patient Intake Forms

LearnWell’s patients have various entry paths, and the new solution needed to handle and organize each type while staying within HIPAA compliance. Because of the time-crunch, we decided to move forward with a HIPAA-compliant form solution, Formstack. The application allowed our team to set up rules that displayed or hid fields and therefore deliver a custom form for every user. If referred by a hospital or school, the patient receives a custom link to a prefilled form, giving them a chance to correct and fill in the information from the referrer but still streamlining the form completion process.

Automated Billing Process Directly in Salesforce

LearnWell also needed functionality for a counselor to initiate the billing workflow following an appointment. This required a careful organization of billing codes for insurance purposes and consequent business revenue-tracking. The system needed a meticulous confirmation workflow to ensure the correct referral and billing codes are applied to the right patient for the right services, which enabled LearnWell to re-capture lost revenues. Our Salesforce team delivered a great solution with built-in error identification and handling to help the LearnWell team keep its data organized and clean.

About LearnWell

LearnWell is specialized and dedicated to supporting the 49% of all students who may face an underlying mental health condition—such as depression, anxiety, or other mood disorders—which often manifest in self-destructive behavior, substance use, and eating disorders. In partnership with treatment facilities and school districts, we provide an integrated set of academic and mental wellness services for students and their families throughout the continuum of care.

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