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Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust

Leveraging Data Automation and Enhancing User Experience Through Salesforce

Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust had a significant opportunity to automate many of its internal processes and simultaneously gain valuable time for customer engagement by adopting Salesforce. However, the organization was unsure of how to take this initial giant step forward with the platform. Its team could identify key features within the CRM platform they wanted to leverage but needed a trusted partner to help them connect the dots and launch the functionality they needed. They also had a tight internal deadline for accomplishing these goals.

Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust chose Soliant Consulting to help with this project due to the firm’s depth of expertise in Salesforce. For most, it’s tempting to jump right into development, especially with such a tight deadline. However, Soliant Consulting prioritized understanding their organization and unique challenges first and foremost.

In addition to implementing and mapping more than 20,000 records, Soliant Consulting also set up event data management for the museum’s team. This prepared their team for automated management of their events, including their annual gala. Moving forward, Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust’s team can focus on more visitor and event engagement and less about the work behind the scenes. Soliant Consulting endeavored to find new ways to help the client’s team become more efficient in a long-term and sustainable way. As a result, the firm discovered an opportunity to build several entirely new custom functions. This decision helped Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust get even more out of their Salesforce investment.

About Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust

Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust (LAMOTH) has a two-fold mission that has remained constant since its inception in 1961: commemoration and education. LAMOTH dedicates itself as a primary source institution, one that commemorates those who perished and honors those who survived by housing the precious artifacts that miraculously weathered the Holocaust. The organization provides free Holocaust education to the public, particularly students from underfunded schools and underserved communities. The organization is committed to providing opportunities for dialogue with Holocaust Survivors, who are the living embodiment of history.

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