Client Story

Independence American Insurance Company

To bring this product to market, IAIC needed a proposal generation system that could allow brokers to easily configure and price plans to meet any need. Their complex Excel-based pricing tools were built for internal underwriters and were insufficient for this purpose, and platforms built for quoting human health care options weren’t a viable option either.

As a company with many beloved pets, we loved being part of the process of bringing this innovative new product to market, and Soliant itself will be exploring providing our team with a group pet policy option. If your organization would like to get more information about including this as a benefit for your staff, please visit

About Independence American Insurance Company

Independence American Insurance Company is a pet-focused underwriter with deep insurance industry experience, offering a product with proven consumer appeal. Its policies feature shorter waiting periods and industry-leading, innovative pre-existing condition coverage after 12 months, as well as optional add-on policies (like Inherited and Congenital coverage) that can help meet any budget and pet’s needs.

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