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Film Finances, Inc.

Delivering Global Data Sharing and Central Reporting

Film Finances, Inc. insures the movie-making process, helping films get to the big screen on time. With offices around the globe, including Hollywood, Toronto, London, and Australia, each office had its own local version of a database to manage their work. For executives to get big-picture reporting, each office had to email Excel files of data summaries to the central office. Team members there then needed to compile all information for reporting and analysis, a time-consuming and error-prone process. The inefficient workflow created data accuracy and productivity challenges for the team.

Film Finances sought a simple and more efficient way for disparate offices to enter data into a central location and give executives a global view of key figures. As the organization had been attempting to solve this problem for a long time, its need had become urgent.

Deploying with Speed for an Urgent Need

Soliant Consulting partnered with the organization to build and launch a tool quickly and efficiently to make up for lost time. Our design process, which includes identifying critical needs first and prioritizing work in releases, allowed us to quickly create and deploy a solution for their most pressing need. Within a month of our first meeting, Film Finances, Inc., started testing our first release, and we went live with users a month later.

Delivering Reporting and Research Capabilities

We built the Film Finances, Inc., solution in two phases. The first focuses on allowing data entry of forecasts into a central system. With the new functionality, users can directly submit monthly figures in one place rather than in separate Excel sheets, and executives can view global forecasts with a simple button click.

The second phase pulls data from each location into the central repository. Now users in any office can search the company’s global film history and reference the work done for other films when planning how to proceed with a new one.

Next Steps

Our consulting team looks forward to continuing to work with the Film Finances, Inc., team to evolve the solution, as the organization grows.

About Film Finances, Inc.

Film Finances, Inc., is the world leader in the provision of completion contracts to the entertainment industry for films, television, mini-series and streaming products. The organization provides the financiers of film and television productions with contracts assuring that such productions will be completed on time, on budget, and to a basic pre-agreed specification.

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