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Gainesville Regional Utilities

Timesheet Application Drives Efficiency and Productivity for Gainesville Regional Utilities

To adhere to union regulations, Gainesville Regional Utilities (GRU) must rigorously report time for its wastewater treatment plant employees. The company was quickly outgrowing its strategy to use Excel for the task. The Excel document often resulted in errors from multiple version complications and mathematical errors, and it burdened the entire management team. As a result, GRU turned to Soliant Consulting for a robust FileMaker solution to keep all records updated and accessible to key stakeholders in real time.

Gainesville Regional Utilities partnered with Soliant Consulting on a timesheet FileMaker solution to improve its comprehensive time reporting for employees.

Soliant built a FileMaker solution to deliver the same timesheet tracking capabilities the company used in Excel but with a better user experience, fewer errors, and enhancements to the reporting process. The GRU team can now capture additional information on timesheets without adding complexity to their processes.

Soliant then expedited the managerial approval process by making pertinent information readily available in FileMaker and providing reports to facilitate data entry into other systems. GRU employees can submit their time, and the FileMaker system notifies the respective manager via email for approval of the time entry. Soliant also added a gated archive to keep older records accessible for reference yet secure and restricted to specific users. These features drive efficiency and productivity for the GRU management team.

About Gainesville Regional Utilities

As the fifth largest municipal electric utility in Florida, Gainesville Regional Utilities (GRU) serves 93,000 retail and wholesale customers. The company strives to deliver safe and reliable electric, water, natural gas, telecommunications, and wastewater services to the people of Gainesville and the city’s surrounding areas.

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