Case Study

Biotech Research Organization

Biotech Organization Undergoes Digital Transformation

Successful technical strategies and digital transformation start with a dedication to evolving technology. Soliant Consulting has partnered with a biotechnology research organization for half a decade to modernize its proprietary systems and engage its users. We’ve provided digital transformation strategy, legacy system modernization, web application development, and more.

Our work has empowered its team to modernize its proprietary systems and meet the needs of its users.

Modernization of Proprietary Legacy Systems

The organization started with extensive rebuilds of the organization’s DNA manipulation system and asset management database, using modern web technologies. By improving the applications’ architecture and operation, our team increased system reliability and encouraged organizational scalability. We improved user interfaces with more efficient workflow logic and enhanced productivity for the team. Now the client can evolve and grow with fewer technology obstacles.

We also delivered enhanced reporting functionality. This automates operational and billing workflows, including job scheduling. Our developers integrated capabilities to help the organization’s team remain productive across their environments.

Custom Web Application Development

Throughout the years, our team built new functionality in the form of custom web applications. Users can work through the browsers of their choice, taking full advantage of web-based applications. This furthers scalability and adoption through increased accessibility. By meeting their unique needs, we’ve helped the client boost adoption and productivity.

Our web application development also allows for more automated data entry and encourages secure file sharing between team members. This reduces operational costs and security risks.

Digital Transformation Partnership Built to Last

Our team has worked closely with this client for years to modernize its systems, including its genotyping, bioimaging, and other support applications. We’ve even helped the organization engage the IoT industry through a technology integration with its lab freezers. This custom development work further improved asset management and purchase department operations.

Our partnership empowers the organization to continuously evolve its digital strategy, sparking growth and pushing its research forward. Learn more about our work with biotechnology and research organizations, or contact us today to talk with an experienced consultant about your digital transformation.