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Decades of Trust: Our Impactful Partnership with Aquatic Control

Aquatic Control has been a cornerstone in environmental services for nearly six decades, transforming lakes and ponds into vibrant ecosystems. Our partnership with Aquatic Control started more than 20 years ago. Over the years, we’ve supported the organization with custom application development services as it transformed from a local Indiana company to a thriving business in six states.

Establishing Online Payment Processing

Our team started our partnership with Aquatic Control by streamlining online payment processing using Authorize.Net. By offering customers the ability to pay immediately and online, the company could take on more jobs and collect payments more efficiently, spurring growth and expansion of the brand.

Empowering Field Employees with Web Capabilities

We continued to help Aquatic Control by building a custom web portal connected to the company’s core FileMaker system that enables employees in the field to complete their tasks faster. The solution gives them web-enabled access to their core FileMaker system so that they can complete some of their work without ever stepping foot in the office.

Proposals Portal

Our team developed a client-facing web portal for Aquatic Control’s customers to review proposals for their properties. Clients can verify their contact and property info using a custom Google Maps integration to mark maps and flag where treatment will be done. They can also add services to existing proposals, which are automatically and dynamically updated to reflect added treatments.

The web portal also captures proposal signatures and allows for payment through Authorize.Net, all in one place. These capabilities alleviate the administrative burden of generating proposals. Before digital proposals, they’d have to collect data in the field, transport it back to the office, type it up, and send a manually drafted proposal back to the client. Using the client web portal, they can manage more proposals while removing the administrative burden of sales growth and reducing the overall job cost. Over the years, this has evolved into more features and functionality for field agents. Daily jobs are assigned, scheduled, and delivered via a mobile device. On a first customer visit, field agents can build proposals and quotes and even place product orders directly through FileMaker. Then, during the job, they can collect data at client locations and immediately add it to the system via an iPad.

Custom Syncing Capabilities

Our development team also built automated syncing functionality into the FileMaker side of the applications so that agents in rural locations could update their data and then sync remotely with the server when back within range of WIFI.

Creating a Custom ERP System for Retail Management with FileMaker

Our team of FileMaker developers helped Aquatic Control shift its FileMaker application into an essential ERP system that runs their business. This includes an expansion into retail sales. Our work facilitated this growth by implementing functionality that allowed the business to sell its chemicals in local stores, creating another revenue line.

Saving Time and Money on FileMaker to Enable Growth

Our partnership with Aquatic Control is more than just a business relationship; it’s a story of mutual growth and shared success. The custom capabilities we’ve implemented save their employees time, as they don’t have to return to the office just to input data. That means they can complete more jobs and connect with more clients. This process also reduces the risk of data error, as it’s only done once. Aquatic Control can also be more responsive to customers by providing quotes in real time, securing business faster. The self-service capabilities we’ve built encourage customers to engage with Aquatic Control more often and on their own time, which boosts business overall. Our tailor-made solutions have streamlined their processes and amplified their ability to serve communities better. We look forward to the next 20 years and all we can accomplish together.

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About Aquatic Control

Since 1966, Aquatic Control has been providing high quality products, services, and staff for managing lakes, ponds, and other water resources. Its professional staff includes: Fisheries biologists, Factory trained fountain specialists, and Licensed aquatic applicators. Its services include vegetation management plans, treatment programs, fountain/aeration system installation, fish population surveys and mapping. Learn more about Aquatic Control.

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