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The Claris Pro Default Account

Adding new accounts in a Claris Pro solution requires knowing the user’s Claris ID. Use the default account to grant access to your solution.

Deploying Claris Server

Claris Server is the equivalent of FileMaker Server but part of the new Claris Platform and directly tied to your Claris subscription or ‘org.’ Learn more.

The New Claris Platform

Learn more about the new Claris platform, its differences from the FileMaker Platform, and how both support one another.

From Firefighter to FileMaker

Everyone has a journey into the world of Claris FileMaker. Learn more about Shawn Gillis’s on his journey from Firefighter to developer.

What is Project Management at Soliant?

Learn about Soliant’s project management methodology and how our client services set our team and our work apart from the competition.

FileMaker 19.5

The first 2022 release of the Claris FileMaker platform is packed with changes. We’re sharing the top new or changed features of 19.5 here.
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