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07Jan 2019

Search as You Type Using ExecuteSQL

About the Author

Mike Duncan Mike Duncan

Mike is an AWS Certified Solutions Architect as well as a certified FileMaker Developer. In addition to his work, Mike also enjoys pursuing his art, freelance writing, traveling, and spending time with his family.

Comments (5)

Paul Jansen - January 7, 2019

I have found when using executeSQL for searching on hosted files that the first search is really quite slow. Have you experienced this?

    Mike Duncan
    Mike Duncan - January 8, 2019

    There are several implications to consider using executeSQL function, that is potentially one of them. There are strategies to mitigate, such as running a script with Perform Script on Server that would result in the list of keys you want. That can speed this technique up for hosted files.

jesse roberts - January 8, 2019

Great implementation here, and really appreciate the method. I am noticing a definite lag in performance over WAN, and am wondering if it’s my schema or is this one of those situations where executeSQL is just, well, slower to perform one of these tasks. On the demo file, this performs at lightning speed, so I am hoping that it’s something I can tweak on my end to eliminate the lag. Regardless, this is fantastic, and thanks for adding it for examination.

    Mike Duncan
    Mike Duncan - January 9, 2019

    Sure, see the previous comment about running with PSOS (Perform Script On Server). This would require splitting up the script in two, and passing parameters back and forth. You could pass the search terms to the script to be run on server, and that script would then exit with the values you are looking for, which you could access with Get ( ScriptResult ).

nomfjmt - February 2, 2019

Thank you always for sharing your advanced techniques.
I have translated this article into Japanese, which you can read at:


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