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18Jul 2018

How to Avoid Shadow IT: An IT Leader’s Guide

About the Author

Aubrey Spath Aubrey Spath

Aubrey Spath is an East Coast expat currently making her home in Sonoma County, CA. One of the “First 500” certified in Salesforce, she balances out her technical side with a passion for the West County life of organic food, farm-to-table restaurants, and sustainable living.

Comments (3)

Rick Torchia - July 19, 2018

I just wonder why IT often rejects FileMaker, saying “it is not an enterprise standard program”. They would rather bring in a more complicated database solution that is “enter pride standard”, costs 10 times more, takes 18 months to deliver & when implemented doesn’t solve the problem. So, it never gets used.

Leland Long - November 29, 2018

As the previous poster acknowledged, I have bumped shoulders with several University Staff and Hospital Staff over the years that had come to DevCon to learn how to better utilize this “new” software they had purchased (typically using personal funds not corporate) called FileMaker Pro, had created the humble beginnings of a useful database, and wanted to explore it’s capabilities. They had tried the official IT route, been turned down or been exasperated at the time, cost, and/or approval process and had discovered how quickly and easily they could do it themselves using FileMaker.
Although you have excellent arguments in this article how it has an ugly side, this has also allowed FileMaker to enter into large corporations in a way that your article is arguing against. Double edged sword!

Brent Durland - December 5, 2018

Good stuff, Aubrey. Here’s a thought: Is FileMaker Inc encouraging shadow IT with their “Workplace Innovation Platform” initiative? Seems like it to me.


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