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12Dec 2016

Introducing the Web Viewer Integrations Library

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Jeremy Brown Jeremy Brown

Jeremy is proud to be a FileMaker 12-15 certified developer. He has worked previously at a charter school network where he built the student information system used for three schools. As with many other developers, he stumbled into the world of FileMaker and has become fascinated with solving business needs in the platform. He is an amateur magician and is currently addicted to the game "Factorio".

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Josep Mª Miró - December 21, 2016

It is sensational the work you have done, thank you very much for sharing it.
Two of the demos that I put I would like to use them, one is MAP and the other DRAWIN CAPTURE, MAP I can integrate it without problems but DRAWIN CAPTURE does not just work well, when you press the save button almost never does it, so that it reacts You have to press the one to clean several times and the same with the one of record, has solution?
I use your code in an application of our entity ?, we are an entity that we work with people with psychic disabilities.


Es sensacional el trabajo que as realizado, muchas gracias por compartirlo.
Dos de las demos que as puesto me gustaría poder utilizarlas, una es MAP y la otra DRAWIN CAPTURE, MAP lo puedo integrar sin problemas pero DRAWIN CAPTURE no acaba de funcionar bien, cuando aprietas el botón de guardar casi nunca lo hace, para que reaccione debes pulsar el de limpiar varias veces y lo mismo con el de grabar, tiene solución?
Puedo utilizar tu código en una aplicación de nuestra entidad?, somos una entidad que trabajamos con gente discapacitada psíquica.

    Jeremy Brown
    Jeremy Brown - December 21, 2016

    Thanks for the feedback. I’m happy to share it with everyone.
    The Drawing capture should work. Are you on a Windows machine? There is an issue with some of the integrations on that platform. I’ll check it out. Also check the table that stores the drawings: go to the code view and click on “Data”. Hopefully your records are saved there.

Josep Mª Miró - December 21, 2016

In the CALENDAR application, how can we make the week start on Monday instead of Sunday?


En la aplicación CALENDAR como podemos hacer que la semana empiece en lunes en lugar de domingo?

    Jeremy Brown
    Jeremy Brown - December 21, 2016

    Check out the documentation of calendar:
    Here you set in the options of the calendar this key and value.
    I put near the top right before the defaultDate option:
    firstDay: 1,
    defaultDate: ‘**Data2**’,
    slotDuration: ’00:15:00′,
    slotLabelInterval: ’00:30:00′,
    slotLabelFormat: ‘hh:mm’,
    eventLimit: true, // allow “more” link when too many events

Eric Chiquet - December 30, 2016

Hi Jeremy,

I really found your file and video very useful. it’s an amazing work… giving us a lot of new possibilities and good advice. i was looking for an agenda solution based on FC and now its working with your help…thanks again…

    Jeremy Brown
    Jeremy Brown - December 31, 2016

    Hi Eric.
    Thanks for the compliment. I’m glad it is useful to you. FC is a great integration. I appreciate their hard work and how easy it was to put into FileMaker. Good luck!

Josep Mª Miró Martínez - January 11, 2017

I use it in a machine with windows, what is curious is that if the “drawing” is a straight line works well, that is to say it saves the image, but if it is more “complicated” than a simple straight does not work.


Efectivamente lo utilizo en una maquina con windows, lo que es curioso es que si el “dibujo” es una linea recta funciona bien, es decir que guarda la imagen, pero si es mas “complicado” que una simple recta no funcina.

Josep Mª Miró - January 11, 2017

I can not find where I should modify the parameters you indicate, you can help me a little more.?


No consigo encontrar donde debo modificar los parametros que indicas, pudes ayudarme un poco mas.?


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