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Custom FileMaker Solutions

Soliant Consulting is among the top teams of FileMaker consultants in the world.

We can deliver the tools your team craves with custom solutions focused on improving workflows and processes.

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Learn more about our comprehensive and complimentary FileMaker hosting services.

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Custom Development

Our team of FileMaker consultants specialize in all aspects of the platform, including web integration, mobile, security, and more. We can extend and improve an existing solution or design a new one.

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Certified Experts

Solid Process

Led by seasoned Project Managers, Soliant FileMaker consultants follow a well-established process, apply mature development standards, and have delivered hundreds of successful projects.

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Award-winning Leadership

Private Training

Soliant has trained thousands, holds dozens of certifications, and has been hired by FileMaker, Inc. to write the FileMaker Training Series curriculum for more than a decade.

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FileMaker Solutions

Soliant possesses the 'Holy Grail' of technology-driven consulting services: business context awareness, technology platform independence, personal accountability, and foresight. I consider them to be a key ROI-catalyst and partner to our business.

  • Integration
    Leveraging our core practice areas, we often tie FileMaker, Salesforce or Web solutions together. Other common integrations include Email, calendaring, QuickBooks, shipping APIs from FedEx and UPS, Google Maps, phone systems, and many more.
  • Custom Web Publishing
    For integrating FileMaker into web applications, Custom Web Publishing with PHP allows an API-driven approach. Soliant is deeply versed in building web-based FileMaker solutions and has developed SimpleFM, a free, ultra-lightweight PHP5 package that uses the FileMaker XML API.
  • WebDirect
    FileMaker WebDirect gives users a one-click access to FileMaker solutions in a browser without writing a line of HTML or PHP. We can design and optimize a database for WebDirect and assist with server configuration.

  • Mobile
    FileMaker Go is a free, downloadable iOS app that brings FileMaker to iPhone and iPad users. On Android, we leverage WebDirect. Soliant excels at tailoring FileMaker interfaces and optimizing solutions for mobile use. Learn more...
  • Security
    FileMaker acts as a good citizen for IT security needs. It can integrate with Active Directory or Open Directory authentication services, fully encrypt network traffic, and provide application-level control over both data and interface access.
  • Support & Maintenance
    With on-going service agreements, we respond to incoming requests for task-driven initiatives and can work quite quickly to make updates to a system. Learn more…

  • Compliance
    Soliant can assist with HIPAA implementations, verify best practices, and assist with compliance reviews. Likewise for the financial services sector, we can help with regulatory reporting, audit trails, and access restrictions.
  • Enterprise Ready
    Soliant's team of FileMaker consultants has helped create many of the best practices in the FileMaker industry and can manage projects to fit well with the greater needs of an IT organization.
  • Authorized Reseller
    As a full-service consulting firm, we provide software (including FileMaker) at a discount. Contact us today for a quote.

In the film industry we work fast: Soliant not only kept pace, they maintained incredible flexibility and service. I've never encountered a software organization like theirs.

With the software we created with Soliant, we spend less time with logistics and more time meeting the needs of our schools and students… and when we have to make changes to the software for mailings or new reports, the technology makes it easy to do ourselves.

Platinum Partner

Soliant has twice been awarded the Business Partner of the Year by FileMaker, Inc., and we enjoy a relationship with the company at all levels as a Platinum Partner of the FileMaker Business Alliance.

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Rapid Application Development

There’s something extraordinary about FileMaker, Inc. – beyond its 30-year lifespan, steady profitability, and being an Apple subsidiary – the company and its flagship product are one of the tech industry’s most under-appreciated successes. In our experience, there’s no other tool on the market that can as quickly build a shared, secure business application as well as FileMaker.

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