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12Dec 2016

Playing with a Web Viewer Integration

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Jeremy Brown Jeremy Brown

Jeremy is proud to be a FileMaker 12-15 certified developer. He has worked previously at a charter school network where he built the student information system used for three schools. As with many other developers, he stumbled into the world of FileMaker and has become fascinated with solving business needs in the platform. He is an amateur magician and is currently addicted to the game "Factorio".

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MF Leong - December 21, 2016

Great work, Jeremy.
On the Data Tables integration, it will be nice if you can add horizontal scrolling , adjust individual column width and dynamically drag-n-drop to change column position

    Jeremy Brown
    Jeremy Brown - December 21, 2016

    Thanks for the feedback.
    It is pretty easy to add the features you are thinking of. Check out the documentation from the source tab. There’s a specific option to add to the code to enable those features. In the next version of this library, I’ll add those as well.

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