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Systems Integration

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Serve Your Customers Better

Users are transforming the technology world today by seeking access to their business tools on mobile platforms, cloud and browser-based business solutions, vertical applications, and more. Integration is becoming the norm with today’s software options.

To help companies evolve at the speed their users demand, Soliant Consulting specializes in web services integrations and service-oriented architecture. This empowers our clients to maintain agility in their businesses and extend their solutions beyond their desktops.

Integration is becoming the norm with today’s software options.

Take Shortcuts, But Don't Cut Corners

Good artists copy; great artists steal. This tongue-in-cheek saying also applies to custom software. Successful web services integrations borrow tactics, best practices, tools, and even code from the broader web development ecosystem. We’ve been in the business for almost two decades, and we know what works and what doesn’t. We can provide you with the best resources in the business to get your solution up and running faster and more efficiently.

Our team is versed in REST, JSON, and SOAP integrations, and we leverage object relational mapping and microservices architecture to integrate such APIs in a robust and maintainable way. Our developers regularly contribute to open source projects. We use a range of thoroughly-tested, lightweight, and common open source and third-party tools to serve you best. Our team also employs a range of resources to limit proprietary vendor-specific interdependencies between systems to protect clients’ investments.

Connect Your Technologies

No single technology solution can suit every need; you probably need more than one to cover all your bases. The more applications you use, the more likely your business is to experience data silos, user confusion, and internal miscommunications.

However, you can avoid these issues. Our developers build with a services-first mindset. We focus on ensuring that business applications can communicate with one another. This helps businesses build a complementary suite of tools rather than relying on just one.

Web Applications - Web Services Integrations

We seek to provide intrinsic interoperability without proprietary integrations. Our development team prioritizes open standards and shared services for multiple applications and users. Our team focuses on improvement through simplicity.

With service-oriented architecture, you can launch scalable solutions, leverage legacy systems, and prevent data silos from cluttering up your internal processes.

Uniting FileMaker, Salesforce, and the Web

Our core practice areas complement each other well.

  • For many workgroup applications, FileMaker is a perfect solution to supports rapid development.
  • Salesforce is a robust CRM and platform with broad-reaching cloud capabilities.
  • Our custom web development gives us the freedom to invent a nearly endless set of features for web software.
We specialize in tying these technologies together for our clients. Salesforce is a strong CRM, and in some cases, our clients have well-established production systems in FileMaker. Connecting the two can significantly increase productivity and efficiency.

FileMaker is an excellent tool when in its operational sweet spot, and integration with a custom web application can scale it up for vendors, remote users, and customers. We have connected Salesforce with, WordPress, Drupal, and many more. Our team has integrated FileMaker solutions with an array of both custom and cloud-based web solutions. We have extended systems to communicate with QuickBooks, shipping software, location services, and more. Free and open source web technology is an excellent glue and extension for proprietary systems.

Partner with Web Services Integration Experts

We’d love to help rejuvenate your business by connecting old systems and platforms with new cutting-edge systems. Contact us to learn about how you could benefit from enterprise-grade web services integrations today.