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PHP Development Services

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Functional and creative don’t often fall into the same sentence, especially when describing technical solutions. But our PHP development services combine both to deliver powerful and user-friendly web applications.

We’ve helped clients increase internal efficiency, engage with customers, track data as it moves through systems, and more.

Our team of experienced developers focus on building user-friendly solutions that solve business problems, enhancing a client’s business with innovative technology.

Our team achieves these objectives, because, as our name implies, we are consultants first. We focus on empowering your company to achieve its goals and leverage technology as a means to that end.

Start with Discovery

Our PHP development services go far beyond just development. Before we start thinking about solution implementation, our team sits down with yours to understand your key business challenges and identify how a technology solution can help overcome them.

Our consulting team works with you to understand and define the scope of what your users need and balance that with your calendar and budget goals. Then we propose a development and release plan which strikes the best balance between these three variables.

  • Foundation & Technical Design

    Once we have scope, budget, and calendar goals established for the solution, our business analysts, technical architects, and designers begin work on a more detailed technical and visual design. This is the phase of the project where we begin making specific technology choices.

    We have worked with far too many clients who have come to us only after an initial failed attempt at implementing a technology solution, and more often than not, the underlying cause was jumping too quickly to implementation decisions, without pausing first to reflect on business requirements. It can be tempting for business owners and developers to jump directly to this phase, and start specifying solutions, without having done any formal requirements discovery process first.

  • Development

    As web technology and capabilities evolve quickly, we have two major responsibilities to our work and to our clients within our PHP development services:

    1. Build a modern solution using current industry best practices to implement the short-term solution requirements.
    2. Structure the solution so that it can be scaled and evolve in the future as business needs change.

    Our certified developers build high-performing software to give businesses the technology solutions they need.

  • Project Management

    Excellent software development is a complex process and requires appropriate management and oversight. We provide a seasoned project management team to keep the project running smoothly. Our project managers act as a liaison between business and technical teams so nothing gets lost in translation. They ensure our PHP development services are delivered with transparency and predictability.

  • Testing & Deployment

    Development is never complete without a mature quality assurance (QA) process. We start the testing process internally to make sure we’re delivering a software product which is free from obvious bugs. When we’re satisfied that it meets the project objectives, we prepare the solution in a staging environment so end users can begin user acceptance testing (UAT). Their exploration of the software during UAT helps us make final improvements to usability and functionality prior to release.

    Once the software is ready for release, we follow a deployment schedule that works for your team. As needed, we help you prepare core users with adoption tips and strategies.

Learn More About Our PHP Development Services

We'd love to hear about your ideas for your company’s next web application in a complimentary initial consulting meeting. Contact us today to set up your meeting.