Case Study

Operation Comfort

Founded in 2014, Operation Comfort is a non-profit organization that creates programs dedicated to recovering wounded soldiers; their programs include sled hockey, hand cycling, amputee surfing, automotovation, equine theraphy, and even yoga. In the early stages of its programs, tracking attendance and participation was done on various spreadsheets. Over the years, their staff accumulated too many spreadsheets to count; until 2012, when they developed a more complete method of tracking participants and attendance.

However, it was still difficult to determine and report their participation numbers prior to 2012. After consolidating spreadsheets, the team still had to look in multiple places to get the numbers. Soliant was able to help develop a FileMaker Pro system that combines their program participation data, and event tracking into one application, making everything easier to find and easy to report on.

Now we can easily track not only participation and attendance for a single event, but also an individual’s participation in our programs. Anders went above and beyond in adding additions such as charting participation trends all in one convenient program.

Elizabeth Dahlen, Adapted Physical Activity Specialist

The Humanitarian Committee at Soliant worked closely with the Operation Comfort team to ensure their wants and needs were met. With Anders Monsen, Senior Application Developer, also located in San Antonio, TX, he able to meet and work with them in person. When they purchased FileMaker Pro, they were unable to determine how to best use it to suite their needs. After meeting with Anders, and multiple conversations of what they hoped to gain from using FileMaker Pro, he was able to transform the team’s ideas into a system with an incredible interface that incorporated all of their thoughts and ideas.

Previously, the Operation Comfort staff had to search through multiple folders to find participation numbers from 2004 onwards. The new system allows them to easily pull up the entire participation numbers, from 2004 to the present day. Everyone is able to access the Program Participation Data form database on their computer instead of searching through a binder, allowing the team to quickly find the information they are looking for.

Anders was able to create an interface that they, “never could have imagined in our wildest dreams.” In fact, Anders frequently runs/bikes past their office. Working with Operation Comfort was meant to be!

The entire staff is thrilled with the final project. We are excited to get to use FileMaker Pro more and take advantage of all the features it has to offer thanks to Anders and the entire team at Soliant.

Elizabeth Dahlen, Adapted Physical Activity Specialist

About Operation Comfort

Operation Comfort was started by Janis Roznowski, an American Airlines flight attendant who was part of a team transporting soldiers to and from the Middle East. In 2004 Operation Comfort began remodeling waiting rooms at Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio, Texas because family members of wounded Service Members were at the hospital for months and years, due to burns, amputations, traumatic brain injuries and post traumatic stress disorder. In total, there have been twelve waiting rooms remodeled as well as the Marine Corps Annex.

The wounded troops said they wanted to participate in sports and work on cars. Operation Comfort began raising money for handcycles, road bikes, trikes, recumbents and even a tandem so they could ride bikes. They began a sled hockey team so the amputees could play a full contact sport, started a car program “Automotivation” where they can learn to work on cars, and they also began a family financial assistance program.