Case Study

FileMaker App for State Court System

Automating IT Processes with a Secure FileMaker Application

We recently worked with a state court system to enhance capabilities for its IT team. The organization sought a way to streamline user access controls to its 50 different systems while maintaining strict security measures.

Process Challenges

Our FileMaker team worked with the government organization’s internal business analyst to build an application allowing users to request, update, or remove access to its dozens of internal IT systems within the statewide infrastructure. As each system had unique form requirements and approval processes, each also had a distinctive access setup.

Streamlining User Access Request & Approval

As a result, our team created a flexible and efficient application designed to allow for ever-changing security requirements and generate reportable access audits across the organization. The FileMaker solution provides each internal system with a form layout outlining its unique requirements. Users requesting access fill in these required fields. Once complete, the form moves to the appropriate IT team member for review and approval.

This approval process repeats multiple times at each approval level, ensuring no additional information is needed for final approval and grants user access to the specified system with only one round of information submission.

Increasing User Adoption

The application serves thousands of intermittent users throughout the organization with various roles of requester, approver, and auditor. We, therefore, designed a clear user interface for different user roles, particularly focusing on infrequent users through intuitive functionality design.

Because of this complex application functionality, we worked with the government organization’s users to create a robust Quality Assurance phase, during which we tested all possible outcomes from a form submission. This increased end-user confidence and adoption during the launch of the application.

Next Steps

Future project goals include a web portal for forms requiring access by users outside the organization. We will also continue to refine the application based off user feedback.