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09May 2017

New Layout Objects Inspector in FileMaker 16

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Agnes Riley Agnes Riley

Agnes is a Senior Application Developer, and a jack of all trades, master of none. While she mostly enjoys crafting pretty things and integrating different technologies, she is equally a fan of helping clients with data parsing from Excel to FileMaker. When she is not chained to her MacBook Pro, she can be found hanging off a rope in an indoor climbing gym or holding onto the handlebars on her red and white motorcycle.

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Chong Kiat Siong - August 20, 2017

But this tools make us not able, to change multiple object that have the same conditional Formatting. need to go in one by one to change the conditional formatting

    Agnes Riley
    Agnes Riley - August 22, 2017

    Hi Chong,

    You can select multiple objects and apply conditional formatting to them from the layout, as well as the Layout Objects Inspector. Highlight the object with the same conditional formatting, then right click and you will see the option to change conditional formatting.

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