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Users are transforming the technology world today by requiring access to their business tools on mobile platforms, cloud and browser-based business solutions, vertical applications, and more. Integration is becoming increasingly important and increasingly the norm with today's software options. Soliant Consulting specializes in web services integration and service oriented architecture so our clients can maintain the agility their businesses require and extend their solutions beyond their desktops.

API-driven Web Services Integration

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Our team is versed in REST, JSON and SOAP integrations, and we leverage Doctrine 2 to assist with data and object mapping. We're contributors to the Apigility open source project as well. We specialize in PHP and use a range of tested open source and third-party tools to build web applications. Our strategy for integrations is to use common, lightweight tools and to limit interdependencies between systems.

Service Oriented Architecture

No single technology solution can suit every need.

  • By ensuring that business applications can communicate with one another, you give your organization the opportunity to build a complementary suite of tools rather than relying on just one.
  • By turning to a services-oriented practice, your solutions are more scalable, you may be able to leverage legacy systems without requiring replacements as soon, and it can help prevent one-off, rogue systems from cropping given that you have a sanctioned approach for incorporating new applications.

Custom Web Services Integrations

Soliant's web solutions are built to follow SOA principles. When possible, we seek to provide intrinsic interoperability without resorting to custom integrations, shared services that multiple applications and users may consume, and iterative refinement of the whole over trying to build the perfect solution on day one.


Soliant’s core practice areas complement each other well.

  • For many workgroup applications, FileMaker is a perfect solution that supports rapid development.
  • Salesforce is a robust CRM with broad-reaching cloud capabilities as a data platform.
  • PHP web development gives us the freedom to invent a nearly endless set of features for software in the browser.

Making the Connection

We are increasingly tying these technologies together for our clients. Salesforce is a strong CRM, but in some cases our clients have well-established production systems in FileMaker. Likewise, while FileMaker is an excellent tool when hosted on a company network, integration with a web application can extend it to vendors, remote users, and customers. We have connected Salesforce with and Drupal, we have integrated FileMaker solutions with an array of both custom and cloud-based web solutions, we have extended systems to communicate with QuickBooks, shipping software, location services, and more.