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12Dec 2016

Introducing the Web Viewer Integrations Library

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Comments (2)

Hans Erik Hazelhorst - December 20, 2016

Hi Jeremy,
Thank you for this excellent work. To me, it looks extremely useful.

Perhaps of interest to you and other readers: I use the MBS plugin from Monkey Bread Software. It is worth mentioning that, among many other functions, the WebView.getHTMLtext function allows you to retrieve the complete DOM contents in a very simple way. This is a function that should have been part of FMP for a long time, IMHO.

Best regards
Hans Erik

    Jeremy Brown
    Jeremy Brown - December 20, 2016

    Hi Hans
    Thanks for that information. I’ve not used those functions. I’ll check them out.
    And thanks for the feedback. I really hope it is useful to people.

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