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03Feb 2009

Manage Your Contacts: Import vCards into FileMaker Pro

About the Author

Roger Jacques

Roger has over 17 years of experience creating information systems and databases. During this time he has served in the roles of managing director for a team of consultants, senior architect for information systems built for fortune 100 companies, technical project manager, and programmer. The breadth and depth of his experience enables him to provide excellent value and efficiency on projects of all sizes.

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David Whitby - February 25, 2009

Script only imports the LAST address into filemaker. Seems to delete all previous address records. Looks like a simple oversight but should be fixed.

Stephen Wonfor - March 2, 2009

David – the code states only ONE address per vCard. “this script will import and parse a single vCard. It does not handle multiple card files.”

Reinder Wolting - July 9, 2009

Some considerations:
Pasting the pesky Null doesn’t work with FM9/10 for me.
Also, the Char(0) function of FM10 doesn’t get the job done.
You have to have the Null in a FM field, to get the substitute working.
The only way I get the Null into a FM field is by importing and that is not ‘clone proof’

Otherwise: great post!

Eric - September 2, 2009

Hi Stephen,
Two questions
Download link leads to a blank page and no file. Save Link to disk produces a zip file that loops weirdly. Could you email the sample file.
Second question.
Any pointers on how refine the parsing to accomodate multiple contatcs in a single vcard as in an Address Book group?
My only thoughts would be a looping script and associated applescript that traverses a folder of single vcards.
Many thanks for the fikle (I’ve been using v1 from FM Advisor)
Kind Regards

Laila Thibeau - July 19, 2011

I was looking for this particular the other day. i dont generally post inside forums but i want to to say thank you!

Hans Erik Hazelhorst - July 31, 2011


I read this excellent webpost on importing/converting a VCARD to Filemaker. It gets me started on this subject, which is very important especially since there is no built-in file synchronisation in FileMaker for this kind of information.

One key aspect in your solution is that you first put the whole VCARD in one FileMaker record or field (or variable). And then you use a lot of scripting to parse the data. My feeling is that you feel comfortable with this approach, which is allright ofcourse, but it is not necessarily the most efficient solution. Wouldn’t it be easier if you leave the VCARD lines in separate records, then do the parsing in these records, and then loop through the records to gather the information for each VCARD? In a typical situation, you export an OSX Addresbook file to a .vcf file that contains all the contacts in one file (each contact is recognisable by the BEGIN:VCARD and END:VCARD tags).

If you’re interested, I’d be happy to work out an example file. Or is there already a solution based on ‘my’ approach?

Thanks anyway for the excellent work,

Best regards
Hans Erik Hazelhorst

Alan - November 9, 2011

Bento will allow you to export your address book in a variety of formats including CSV. I’ve used this to import vCards into my address book in a group and then export them to CSV where I can import them into FileMaker.



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